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Charles Egbu: The first black to become the president of Trinity University in England

Charles Egbu: The first black president would be the president of Leeds Trinity Univserity


Charles Egbu from Abatete became popular when his name was announced as president of Leeds Trinity University in England.

An Igbo has become the 'Mayor' of London

Here is how Kate Anorue was stripped of her white mayor twice.

The 15-year-old Imo is the most successful in the Jamb test.

This is the first black president to receive such an announcement in Britain.

This comes as UK University Minister Chris Skidmore complained in January that no black president has held a high profile at a national university since.

Professor Charles Egbu will take up his post as president of Leeds Trinity University on November 1, 2020.

What you need to know about it

Swevee's account was changed but he held the position of Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of East London.

He was a former “Dean” of the Department of ‘Built Environment and Architecture’ at the University of the South Bank but

He is a lecturer at University College London.

He has written more than 12 books and published more than 350 journals on how to organize and build housing, roads, water supply and other community development projects. hands are of particular interest to them.

Egbu will replace scholar Margaret A. House, who has been a seven-year term.

For this reason Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano thanked Charles Egbu for this new appointment.

Obiano said this was a great thing for Nigerians, especially in Anambra state because getting such a degree in schools in the UK is not smoking.

He told Egbu that he believed he would perfect them face to face because he knew that seven bullies were giving a grade.

Obiano also took the opportunity to thank all the graduates of his state in this generation.

People like Ms. Agnes Ego Maduafokwa who won the award as the first person in the Jamba 2020 school.

Chidubem Obi is a white supremacist in Russia, among others.

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