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Four essential activities to improve your kid's performance in school

Parents and teachers were concerned of students poor performances frequently. There were a number of conversations with teachers in the hallway about the way out. All of this was intensified by the fact that junior year is such an important year for college admissions. The following can be of great help to you:

Tutors and/or Home schooling:

They may need some focused attention. If your lives allow it, you may consider homeschooling. You can start the day by doing subjects where they excel and experience the most enjoyment. You’ll get an idea of their passions so you can teach to those interests and spark their love of learning. Every time I met with tutors, I did significantly better. You may have tried all of these things; but, for the sake of your child, don’t give up.

Rewards and Consequences:

This can be done a number of ways. The easiest way to do it is to pay them bonuses similar to sales goals. The higher the grade, the higher the paycheck. You could also have them pay you when they get a low grade. Another way to do it is pay them for the faithfulness in their activity be this motivate them. Opponents say that it kills creativity and a genuine love of learning. Perhaps they are correct; however, continuing to fail will not endear your kids to learning either. I would use it as a temporary way to get them moving in the right direction. Maybe just use it for the subjects they have a hard time with. Schedule activities that promote creativity so that is not missed.

Create a Structured Schedule:

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, particularly for kids. A structure will give them much needed stability. It will help maximize their time and keep them consistently active towards accomplishing goals. Plan out study, homework, and break/free times. Tailor the schedule and activities to your discoveries in the research and analysis period.

 Teach Study Skills:

Let your kids know that you are coming alongside them to help. Ask your son or daughter a lot of questions. They will probably resist because the last thing they want to talk about is their failing. Who does? But it is necessary in order to figure out the fullest picture possible. Talk to their teachers, guidance counselors, specialists, and research learning styles.

In conclusion, it’s their mindset that needs the most help. Remind them of past successes. Build small successes into momentum of your child and this will greatly improve them.

Content created and supplied by: DanjumaNenrot (via Opera News )


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