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Difference between PhD and Fellowship qualifications

PhD is the highest academic qualification that is certified and offered by the Universities after acquiring all the necessary pre-qualifications such as, elementary education, secondary education, degree qualification, postgraduate qualification (MSc, MA, M.ED, etc). For one to be offered a PhD admission he must possess all these pre-qualifications. The PhD degree has a minimum of three years and a maximum of five to six years as the case may be in PhD and MPhil/PhD respectively. The first year is for course work, seminars and semester's examinations. During the research, the PhD candidate is expected to conduct topic defense, proposal defense, post field defense and exit defense. 

While Fellowship certificate is granted by the Postgraduate Medical College the highest epicentre in medical sciences. For one to be qualified for admission into the college he most have been practising as a medical doctor, from the point of housemanship, Intern, residency

 to a full surgeon before he/she be allowed to proceed to a fellowship program. 

Moreover, the program involves coursework, seminar presentations, research and examinations accordingly. As PhD being the highest academic qualification in the Universities same applies to Fellowship in the clinical sciences. The dichotomy among them is a subject of controversy here in Nigeria and policy issue.

I believe you now have the idea of what a PhD is to the Fellowship certificate. If you have more points to contribute you may do so in the comments box below.

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