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50 Most Common Misspelled English Words and Their Correct Spellings.

Commonly misspell words are those English words misspelled in the process of documentation and literary Writing. Some of the major reasons could be mispronunciation, homophones and not been able to differentiate between British and American words whereas we use British English. In Most cases, the word might seem like the correct spelling but it often misplaced letters and difficulties in differentiating how many double or single letter a particular word requires because It can still be pronounced correctly even when spelled wrongly. Below are 50 most misspelled words and their correct spellings.  

Common Misspelling-Correct Spelling

Mispell - Misspell 

Pronounciation - Pronunciation

Lightening - Lightning

Jewelery - Jewelry

Heirarchy - Hierarchy

Drunkeness - Drunkenness 

Accomodate - Accommodate

Questioneer - Questionnaire

Occurence - Occurrence

Febuary - February

Bussiness - Business

Assasination - Assassination

Bizzare - Bizarre

Cementary - Cemetery

Occassion - Occasion 

Wierd - Weird 

Truely - Truly 

Seperate - Separate

Liason - Liaison

Humourous - Humorous

Glamourous - Glamorous

Familar - Familiar 

Commitee - Committee

Arguement - Argument 

Caribean - Caribbean

Mentenance - Maintenance

Interupt - Interrupt

Millenium - Millennium

Pharoah - Pharaoh

Unforseen - Unforeseen

Refered - Referred

Prefered - Preferred

Neccessary - Necessary

Forseeable - Foreseeable

Futher - Further

Highland - Island

Que - Cue

Cheek - Check

Tatoo - Tattoo

Tabboo - Taboo

Resistence - Resistance

Treshhold - Threshold

Lesure - Leisure

Millioneer - Millionaire

Reccommend - Recommend

Amatuer - Amateur

Reciept - Receipt

Tiranny - Tyranny

Twelth - Twelfth

Rythm - Rhythm

Plagerize - Plagiarize

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