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Secondary Education


Opinion: School, a place to make known our culture

Photos making the rounds on social media shows school children on the assembly ground, all wearing native attire described by the Igbos as Isi Agu.

School pupils are known to wear a specific uniform to identify the school from others. Such school uniforms carry a special kind of logo called a badge, which further helps to know which school is that and what they stand for via their motto.

Bubbendorf Memorial Secondary School (BMSS), Adazi Nnukwu, Anambra State, is the name of the school that makes students put on native wear.

This is commendable.

In Anambra, students wear traditional clothing to school every Wednesday. Other schools should learn from this.

The Commissioner for Basic Education, Professor Kate Omenugha, in Anambra was said to have initiated the ideas that students should have a day set aside within the week to showcase their pride through putting on traditional clothes.

A cultural day that is known to be honoured in many schools needs more encouragement to keep it on and lively.

Every event should be an avenue to display our culture, so we will know the norms and ethics that must be abided by.

Our culture, our tradition are being eroded and being replaced by the white man's civilization way of life.

We must encourage the society to preserve our culture making them know and do what the culture is known about.

This can also be achieved by introducing it into the school curriculum to be taught to the students. Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba languages are being taught in schools to see that these major languages survive.

The next generation should not be deprived of knowing their culture. Our attitude now will decide if it would be preserved or not. In this era of nanotechnology, it should be fully utilized to disseminate our culture to the generation unborn and the world at large. The Chinese are known to uphold their cultures wherever they found themselves.

Let's speak our language, practice our culture. This gives value to it, and those who see us do these are attracted to it.

Our culture is our pride and our identity.

Content created and supplied by: Taiyemm (via Opera News )

Adazi Nnukwu Anambra Anambra State Bubbendorf Memorial Secondary School Igbos


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