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How A School Proprietor Was Disgraced By A Caretaker And His Landlord.

A proprietor of Nursery, primary school here in Gusau Zamfara state who lives in a two bedroom flat was disgraced by a Caretaker and his Landlady. 

It all started after his rent expired on 05/05/2020. 

This proprietor happened to be my friend, my best friend. 

Though, he has been telling me how the care taker which happened to the brother of the landlady has been sending some annoying text messages to him.

Below are the screenshots of the messages the care taker ( the brother to the landlady) has been sending to him. Don't forget to also take notes of the date. 

Earlier before the messages, I personally adviced my friend to go and explain to the care taker. Of which he actually explained to me him. 

This was his explanation to the care taker;“my school has been closed for a long time now as a result of covid 19. Please I will try to pay the money as soon as I can. Is even by God grace am surviving with my family. Please try and understand.” 

Since the care taker don't even want to understand or seem to listen, he called on me and we decided to go and see his sister on 6 of June 2020 (the landlady) to plead with her to give us sometime to raise the money. 

She said, she could only give us two months. 

I and my friend (the proprietor), thought that the two months was for that June and July but I was surprised when my friend called me and told me that the Caretaker came to the house earlier this month (July). 

This my friend ( The proprietor) have been doing well till school were closed down. He is married with 2 kids and 4 of his younger ones staying with him. 

It has not been that easy on him, since his school is his source of income. 

I am a proprietor too and despite the fact that I have other sources of incomes, it has not been easy on me too.

I really wish I could help.

 Yesterday Sunday 19/07/2020, we went to see the landlady in her hospital to explain to her. she told us we must pay this month (July) end. It was disgraceful to the facts that up six (6) women were there looking at us. Looking at us begging and pleading for mercy from her. To cut the story short, he told her to give him now till August ending, of which she said, if he can't pay, he should pack out. 

I really feel for private school teachers that solely depend on their salaries. 

Most of these people have children and families to care for. 

Only God knows what they are passing through right now. 

I think one of the sectors that is most affected by covid 19 is private schools especially, nursery, primary and secondary school. 

That's why, it is not good to depend on one source of income. 

If you are doing very well in any business right now, try investing in a different business you know that you can handle. 

If you are a proprietor, please if you have the means to pay your staff, please do! 

Nothing is too small to give because, that you might consider small can go a long way to help them

Am a victim too because for the past 3 months now, I haven't pay my staff.

Not because I don't want to but because I don't have the means for now. 

If you are a teacher reading this, be sure that God is with you

The Federal government really need to do something about private school teachers. 

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May God help us all. Amen! 

This article might touch a school proprietor to to pay his teachers, You sharing this article might might make it get to them. 

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