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All Parents, Students And School Owners Should Take Note As FG Gives Warning On School Reopening

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The FG Gives Notice On School Reopening should be noticed by all parents , teachers, and owners.

SOURCE: Legit Ng

Since Corona virus was born, this country's education system has changed to something else. There have been so many aspects unbalanced. Students are expected to start new classes by now, based on a regular school schedule. However, we also thank God for all, as exit classes have been permitted to take different examinations, the nation slowly goes to a state of normality.

On August 29 the present governor of the State of Lagos, Sanwo-olu Babajide (Governor) made a order to open all schools in the State of Lagos on September 21. Boss Mustapha, the president of PTF, disagreed, warning the State not to take hasty steps they might regret. As we all know, the State of Lagos has more covetous 19 instances than any County. He also advised them to learn from the error of the US administration after schools were reopened.

The federal government has announced that all state governors have been strongly warned. They also were warned that schools would be completely reopened. They had been told to pause and steady things down. Both parents and school owners should remember in order not to go against the federal government 's warning.

My feeling is that everybody should be silent. The government does this to our own benefit, both parents , students and school owners want our welfare to be protected.

What do any of you mean to what the federal government says, though, to all parents , students and school owners? Please leave a comment and, for more interesting posts, share and add me.

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