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National Association Of Nigerian Students Should Focus On School Resumption, Not FG, NDDC, Akpabio.

National Association Of Nigerian Students Should Focus On School Resumption, Not FG, NDDC And Akpabio [Opinion]

Students trying to get into national politics or what exactly is happening, that students are now making statements about issues concerning the federal government, ministers and corruption. The business of the student’s association remains the schools and any relevant contribution to the growth and development of the country, not things like this.

When I saw the statement issued by the leader of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS I was greatly concerned as to why the student leaders would want to be putting their mouth into political and corruption matters that has nothing to do with the opening of schools nor any academic effect.

I expected much protest and statements bordering more on the resumption of schools, payment of teachers, building of infrastructures in dilapidated schools, using this period to put up structures that schools has been lacking and many other things, instead, the student association are talking about the Niger Delta Development Commission and the saga therein.

The Senate President, Gambo Abu Mohammed of The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has got to be told what to do in his office, he is currently going out of his line of focus, there is no connection whatsoever between these bodies, more energy and focus should be channeled towards the growth of schools, how to improve the school system, not about the Federal Government and the corruption battles going on.

According to the statement from the association, “it has decided to lend its voice to the ongoing corruption scandal to protect the interest of youths and students in Niger state” which is totally agreeable but not asking the minister to step down, it is not the student’s body responsibility, the president has the call to make, let him do his job.

I am not totally condemning his move and statement, but for the fact that the same students body does not always speak up about the school facilities and need, I am embattled to see them make statement about corruption, let us take a little peep at the statement, he said;

“The Senate Secretariat of NANS has observed with utter dismay the recent ignominious fiasco playing out by the Interim Management Committee of NDDC and its supervisory Minister, after careful consideration of the revelations into the activities of the agency by various members involved, it’s only sane for the actors to recuse themselves by stepping down while the verification and hearing into the colossal fraud revealed lasted.”

I will not be able to post his full statement here, I just want to advice that the body faces more pressing issues about school, schools, infrastructures and academics. Not the federal governments problem, is like carrying another person’s task when you have not completed yours. Stick to your lane and let the federal government sort this out.

It is left for the president of Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari to give the orders, since the minister is not ready to step down on his own.

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