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6 Things Reading Could Do To You if You Commit Time To it.

There is a great deal of change that would come upon you if you cultivate and take out time to read consistently at least one book in a month.

(1) Reading Will Sharpen Your Brain.

Some people erroneously believe that they are not smart or intelligent as other people are.But research has shown that people are not pulling their weight long enough because they lacked commitment or dedication to studying or reading as they should.

If they would only make the effort or work at reading,in no time,they would be at par with their contemporary.

(2) Reading Will Give You Academic Excellence.

Students who excel academically,read extensively.This is a one to one correlation between avid reading and intellectual accomplishments.

(3)Reading Will Activate Your Brain:

Reading activates and exercise our minds and will push us to use our imagination and make us more creatively inclined,make us come up with innovative ideas or help us in finding new ways to solving old problems.

(4) Reading Will Make You Limitless:

There is no limit to what people can accomplish when they develop their minds and use books to acquire knowledge.lf we commmit ourselves to reading thus increasing our knowledge,only God limits how far we can go in this world.

(5) Reading Will Make You Useful:

Reading will help you acquire information that will in turn help you in making quality decisions.ln that regard, Oyedepo has this to say:

"Believe in facts and information.Put in all it takes to acquire them,for they give quality to your reasoning and planning.And when applied, you will come out with improved results and become an outstanding success in your generation"

(6) Reading Will Keep You informed:

Reading will keep you fresh, current and useful,productive and relevant to your generation.

Bishop Oyedepo has this to say that respect:

"Without reading,my message will have started stinking by now...Ready helps to exercise my spirit and keeps me on the path of excellence.Here l have revealed my greatest secrets to all adds up to one thing--an insatiable quest for knowledge.This has kept me fresh all my life."

Thanks for reading this piece.

Content created and supplied by: ThomasUsigbe (via Opera News )


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