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Glossophobia: Meaning, Causes, And How To Overcome It

First of all, what’s Glossophobia? It’s either called Speech Anxiety or the fear of public speaking. This is when you are faced with having to give a presentation in front of people.

What inspired this particular topic is the fact that school has resumed and while thinking of what skills I need to improve on this new semester, This came right in.

I found out I was glossophobic during my virtual presentation on a project I'm working on, and I lost the ability to talk in front of my lecturers, which doesn't really look good. I’m a pretty confident person so imagine my shock when I couldn’t bring myself to defend a six page slide, It was so disappointing. I went blank during my speech, stumbling over words and I was so dependent on note cards so I won't forget my points.

To sum it all, The internet service was bad, I couldn't share my slide and my audience were displeased.

As we like to say it, you have found the solution to a problem immediately you spot that particular problem. So since then, I’ve been on the path of finding a perfect solution for this. I realized that I wasn’t always prepared enough.

I was not able to project my points properly and convincingly and all the attention wasn’t helping matters. So I found a solution to it, I got to discover that If I practice very well, like reading before the day of the presentation, there’s a probability that I won’t face this issues. I’m so comfortable talking in fronts of family and friend, but speaking in front of a group of complete strangers, my anxiety skyrockets.

We students have a fear of making mistakes or messing up or just being judged in general by the audience. The anxiety that students have of speaking publicly sometimes stems from a previous experience that ended with them making a mistake or being judged by their audience or their audience not being as interested in the topic as the speaker thought they would be.My advice to you is focus on your material and not your audience.

There’s a lot of improvement because the points have been perfected, you’ll have to Record it, listen to it and filter it, If you don’t do all this, you will definitely struggle.

Even when you have group presentation make sure whoever is representing your group is prepared enough.

Make researches, gather materials and always Practice.

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