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Option: is it right for a male teacher to Option: is it right for a male teacher to flog a lady? 19/07/2020.

Now the question is, is it right for a male teacher to flog a female student on her buttocks?

What's your opinion on this?

*For me I will say is very wrong.

*Me self will not allow a teacher flog me on my buttons, I will collect the Cain flog the person and go on suspension.

*My intergrated science uncle was used to this back then in school. most times he will be pressing your ass in the bid of holding your skirt.

*I will not say that it is right. However we really have to look at what must have transpired before the flogging was initiated. 

*Before we criticize male teachers for flogging female students at the buttocks, what do we have to say about female teachers who punish male students for no good reason. 

*We shouldn't be too comfortable with using the social media to tell the world that a particular gender is bad just because we want the other to feel good.

*So I believe I have made a stricking point here

* I have been asking those people that are saying it's bad, what they will call those female teachers that does that thing to male students. If it's wrong to flog a female student on her Buttons, then, male students also shouldn't be flogged there as well.

Please make sure you tell us your mind here and like and comment thanks.

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