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How To Curb The Menace Of Indecent Dressing In Our Higher Institutions

Indecent dressing has no doubt become a serious issue in Nigerian tertiary institutions. It is not uncommon to see students with crop top, short skirts, transparent dresses within the university campuses. This type of dress can dispose the wearer to rape or make her a target of cult groups. It is therefore important for parents and institutions to make concerted efforts to control this menace.

In order to reduce the rate of improper dressing, parents have a role to play. Parents should portray examples of how they want students to dress. To this end, it is important that parents control of the information their children receive from the television and internet. Some movies and television shows can give teenagers wrong perception of what proper dressing entails. Parents should therefore endeavor to point out the reasons why their children should not put on some sorts of dress.

In the tertiary institutions counseling units should be set up at the halls of residence and/or departments. This will make it easier to reach out to the affected students and use moral suasion to effect changes. Students that may not know the implications of such dress will be made to see reason by the counselors.

As a last resort, the institutions can embark on the use of dress codes within the campus. The schools should make students know the type of dress to put on and the dress-styles that they should avoid. Bill boards may be used to show pictorial representation of “approved” and “unapproved” modes of dressing. The sanctions for flouting such rules should also be well spelt-out. Fear of sanction will prevent some students from dressing indecently and they may get used to the dress codes after school.

These steps will undoubtedly help us to reduce the ills associated with improper dressing in our higher institutions of learning.


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