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Secondary Education


First class King build school with free tuition free accommodation and even teaches students

Education is the best legacy any parent can offer his or her child. This is to set the record straight about a great first class traditional father who has done well in our educational institution by building a primary and secondary school with great facilities and equipped library. The Orangun of oke ila while unveiling the schools at oke ila said he is doing this because he enjoyed the free education of the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo who made education free for all and even to the less privileged who cannot even afford daily meal were all offered scholarships even after they left the secondary school to further their education outside Nigeria. He is using this opportunity to thank him and reciprocate his handiwork which made him great today. Oba Abolarin Adedokun has also promised to teach some of the classes whenever is available and free of any royal engagements .

The people of Oke ila are really joyous and appreciative of the first class monarch initiatives of building schools which is free for all, which help all the children far and wide to benefit free education which means the legacy of Chief Awolowo will continue to live.

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Awolowo Oba Abolarin Adedokun Orangun


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