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SSCE: How Do Candidates Benefit From Examination Malpractices?

It is a well known fact that examination malpractices have become widespread in Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE). Why has the menace become difficult to curtail? Who does benefits from examination infractions? The National Examination Council (NECO) as well as other examination bodies devote a lot of resources to curtail cheating in their examinations. Do students really benefit from cheating in the long run?

Some people have argued that examination malpractices make it easier for students to pass their examinations and consolidate in the future. However, if we look at the trend of things, we will find out that most students that engage in examination malpractices at SSCE level end up performing woefully in the Unified Tertiary Institutions Matriculation Examination (UTME). The reason for this is that such student subconsciously assumes that he will be able to succeed in other examinations without preparing well. He will therefore end up spending more years at home or even end his prospects for higher education.

What happens if a student is caught in the act of cheating in the examination? Rules of NECO examinations prescribe that the result of such student should be canceled. How does a canceled result benefit the owner? Even if a cheating student escapes the scrutiny of the examination hall, WAEC has got softwares that detective cheating. The student can still be caught. For WAEC, if a candidate is caught cheating in a subject, the entire subjects of the candidate will be canceled. Who loses? It is the candidate.

Some candidates pay huge amount of money to be able to cheat in their SSCE. They spend money to hire "mercenaries" and/or pay invigilators to look away. Some students even subscribe to some Facebook/WhatsApp platforms to receive examination answers. Unfortunately, many of the answers provided by such social media platforms are either fake or wrong. The candidate will still end up failing the examination. It will become a case of financial loss.

Examination malpractice also tends to reduce the self worth of an individual engaged in it. Subconsciously, he will think that he cannot do anything without cheating. He will end up be unable to guide his younger siblings. This will make any younger person that is academically sound to look down on him.

On the whole, examination malpractices end up in losses from the perpetrator. There is no benefit that can accrue from cheating in an examination. It always ends in loses.


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