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WAEC results: Reasons Only 30% Made The Minimum 5 Credits Subjects In Nigeria.

One is again not surprised at the mass failure of Nigerian students in the recently released WAEC results. The trend of performance from students of this exam has consistently been on a downwards slope for many years now.

Yet, 5 credit results from WAEC, is a Mandatory prerequisite needed to get an admission into institutions of higher learning. Therefore, a 30% pass mark in 5 subjects (Mathematics and English not necessarily included) is indeed a no result at all. Because this simply means 70-80% of the candidates will have to retake the exams again especially if they are comprised mostly of first time attendees.

Now the reasons for this poor performances is not far fetched. Like the saying goes,’ practice makes perfect'  any good outcome for a desired goal, requires sufficient amount of practice. Academic examinations are very similar to sporting competitions in this respect. The truth is students are not sufficiently preparing for these exams. Rather 90% of them are busy finding for themselves  so-called special or miracle centers were the illusive 100% success is supposedly guaranteed

Let’s look at another observable trend. WAEC exams are written once a year for private and finishing classes of Senior Secondary Schools. It is a known fact that like many Exam boards in Africa, WAEC follows the same tradition of either repeating or formulating new questions from past questions. This is why past questions booklets are sold-out prior to when this exam are written.

Now, the latest update of these past questions spans through a period of 32 years, from 1988 to 2020 to be precise. Ordinarily, only an non serious student will imagine that one calendar year like 2019 or 2020 will be sufficient enough to thoroughly revise this huge fora of past questions. Yet I see lots of students make the mistake over and over again by simply walking into my bookshop, 6 months or less to their exam date requesting for not just 1 but as much as 4 past questions booklets in different subjects. This how the lots end up with less than 40% overall performance when the results are out.

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