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School Reopening: See How Nigerian Students Are Protesting on Twitter Against School Closure

A protest is trending on twitter right now, the protest which is with the hash tag SAVENIGERIANSTUDENTS.

Here is a circular prepared for the protest:

This trend is topping the list of trends on twitter.

It is obvious now that the students are gradually taking a bold step of airing their voice concerning the closure of school since March 2020. A lot of student have participated in this online protest and we hope it give birth to a positive result.

I will highlight below the different post made by various students along with their screenshots.

@Habeebah_ade tweeted: “It is safe to open school, it is safe to open airport, it is safe to hold elections, it is safe to open banks, but it is not safe to open schools, should we say it’s because the educational sector doesn’t generate money for the government. We are tired!!!

@JuleeMayne tweeted: “You can resume domestic flights but school remain shut. Interstate travels has resumed yet students can’t travel back to school. Yes, we may just be 10% of the population but we are 100% of the future. It’s NOW OR NEVER ALUTA CONTINUES.

@FavMiM tweeted thus: “My point here about reopening of schools is that almost all the evil actions being done these days e.g rape, banditry, stealing, and others is because our school are closed, remember an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So FG, I urge you to reopen schools safety for all.

@MushbahuMMT tweeted thus: “Markets, watching centers have much crowd than schools, why only schools?

@Fatus18 tweeted thus: “Open our schools, we the future, we are the solutions to your problems. Even the Coronavirus.

@heybliss_tweets tweeted thus: “I pity 100level students because by next year there will be 100level batch A for current students and 100level batch B for this newly admitted students.

These are the tweets from the students that participated in the online campaign and from my own opinion, they all have point and I hope this get to the Government and we hope they consider their plea and reopen schools.

Losing one academic year will disrupt a lot of things in the educational sector and will greatly affect students all over the country mentally.

You can join the campaign on twitter with the hash tag SAVENIGERIASTUDENT. The target is to get at least 3 million people to join the campaign. If 3 million people can join the campaign, am very sure that our voice will surely be heard.

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