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4 Writing Tips To Help You Become A Skilled Writer

When I first started my writing career, I used to write about a whole lot of things because I enjoyed doing so. I was more of a generalist even though time after time, I heard most people talk about the importance of having a niche in writing.

I thought it was extremely difficult, limiting, and also boring to write about the same thing over and over again. I just wanted the feeling of having to explore my writing skill on amazing topics and have access to different opportunities.

But, today, I can confidently tell you that I now have a writing niche for myself. Over time, I found it super amazing having a writing niche as it helps me attract premium clients, position me as a go-to expert on a particular field, and gives me focus.

Now, if you are one who truly wants to achieve something remarkable in your writing career, it's very essential to get known for something and that's where having a writing niche comes into place. Your writing niche is your area of specialization.

Below are 4 amazing questions to ask yourself in order to discover and create your own writing niche;

1) What do you enjoy writing about?

Take out some quiet moments and think about what you truly love writing about. That particular subject that excites you when writing. Something that you have a burning passion for.

In my own case, I found out that I really loved to write about effective writing. I loved sharing content centered on helping others know how to write exceptionally and launch a worthy writing career. It gives me joy and it's fulfilling doing so. What you love writing about could be a significant clue to discovering your niche in writing.

2) What do you have knowledge on:

Your area of expertise could be another awesome way to finding your writing niche. Now, let's take an instance - If you found out you love writing about something, you need to ask yourself if you also have knowledge about it

Passion isn't enough, you must be able to have considerable knowledge of a particular area so you can be able to share value to your audience. People will listen to you and also pay you if you have great knowledge on a particular subject matter.

Recently, I had the opportunity of having a one on one consultation session with someone who purchased my book and she complained of having a passion for a particular subject but always get stuck when writing. According to her, she discovered she didn't really have knowledge of it, hence her inability to share value consistently but she has knowledge on another subject matter but doesn't have much interest in it. And she was like - What can I do?

I advised her on building a niche firstly on the one she is more knowledgeable about, and in the process get the prerequisite knowledge on the other that she has an interest in. There is actually nothing wrong with having one, two, or three areas of focus than concentrating on something you don't have knowledge on simply because you are passionate about it. If you really want to earn doing what you love, then you need the knowledge to aid you in sharing value.

Passion will keep you going but knowledge will make you stand out.

Me? I took several courses centered on effective writing because I was determined on getting adequate knowledge so I can share value and attract people who will pay me for what I have to offer in relation to effective communication through writing. If you are a consistent reader of my write-ups, you will notice that everything I share is centered on helping people gain mastery of writing, not just writing but effective and exceptional writing, so as to be able to profit from it.

Now, ask yourself: What do I have expertise on? What can I do and write consistently without running out of ideas or getting stuck when writing? What area can I confidently share value on?

3) What problem do you want to solve?

You just might have a burning passion to solve a particular problem through your writing. Look into it and create a niche out of the problem you want to solve by proffering solutions via the content you share.

4) Is there a ready market?

If you are choosing a niche especially one that you desire to earn highly from, you need to find out if there is a ready market. Are there people who have the problem you want to solve and are they desirous of a solution?

Will they be willing to pay me for what I have to offer?


To discover your writing niche, ask yourself the above questions, and get started.

I hope you got value?

If you do have a writing niche already, share in the comment section how you discovered yours. Let's learn from you as well.

Content created and supplied by: OduseDavid (via Opera News )


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