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Exam Malpractice; Would You Have Passed if You Had Written Your WAEC in Such Setting?

During my service year, I was posted to a private, secondary school in Ogun state as a biology, basic science and physics teacher (but that’s not the story for today). It was a norm in this school to put the students through in any examination. The first time I encountered this I was shocked, even during internally organized examinations, the students were usually told all the answers to the questions, their excuse being that, they don’t want their parents to take their wards from the school. The school is a special centre for WAEC Examination, students come from other schools to write their WAEC in this school. During the examination, external invigilators are bribed to allow teachers bring in answers for the students. The only time I dared to speak against this act, I was ridiculed by the school owner, she even threatened to reject me as a corper in her school.

Examination malpractice has eaten deep into our society and it doesn’t seem like it will stop feasting on our society anytime soon. It is a menace that has destroyed many Nigerian youths and with still destroy several more. Many of this youths no longer rely on their mental capacity, they rarely even attempt to read for an examination, they will rather just go for the easier means, which is examination malpractice.

The society is gradually getting to accept malpractice as a normal thing, so much that if you decide not to participate in it, you’re tagged several names, like you’re the one doing the bad thing. Teachers who are supposed to be in the front line in the fight against malpractice, are one of the biggest perpetrators of the act, they forget their integrity just for some little cash flashed in their direction.

Our parents are no saints in this matter, because many of them take their children to this kind of school knowing fully well that these schools engage in such act. Some parents even go through extra stress, to find these schools and even more stress to pay for malpractice. This makes me wonder how everything really changed, can’t you just educate your children right and tell them to read their book?

This decadence isn’t common only to secondary schools, these students that were helped through their secondary school, grow to continue the act in tertiary institutions, with some of them eventually been chased out for malpractice. Most of them get to the tertiary institutions and they can’t cope mentally with the environment, they start to have really low grades, eventually the school chases them out for poor performance. What then do they benefit in the long run?

Despite the high number of people involved in this act there are still people who maintain their integrity when it comes to malpractice. Students who will never cheat, they will rather burn the night candle in order to excel rather than cheat, some will even rather fail honorably. There are teachers and parents that will never be found wanting, when it comes to malpractice, they will rather have the kids prepare adequately.

If you wrote your WAEC Examination in a setting like the above picture, do you think you would have passed? Can you help your children cheat in an examination? What’s your take on examination malpractice?

Content created and supplied by: T.Oluwafemi (via Opera News )

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