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Nigerian Students Demand The Reopening Of Schools on Twitter (Photos and Tweets)

Nigerian Students have taken to social media platform twitter to stage an online peaceful protest demanding the reopening of schools. The #SAVENIGERIANSTUDENTS is currently trending on twitter where most students are making their voices heard on the topic.

The Peaceful protest is looking to features about 3 million people to Yes to Safe Reopening of Schools and No to Loss of academic year. The students are concerned about the turnout of events over the space of 3 months in which schools have remained shut in a bid to cub the situation of things in the country.

It is understood that the closure of schools is a well-meaning action or step to prevent any further occurrence of any nature and a bid to protect the children and younger generation from the pandemic. However the students are worried that they might not get to return to school as no plans are being made to ensure students safely return back to school.

Unlike Schools other areas have been reopening and this doesn’t sit well with the students as they feel that if these areas or places can be reopened while specific measures are being put in place then schools should be allowed to reopen and with the same or more drastic measure put in place.

Twitter user with the name A. A. Sadiq, CSJR. @Alsahdiq911 tweeted: “1. Government must procide enabling environment for our students’ safety.

2. Education is a RIGHT

3. A Nation without Education is like a lame.

4. We must not allow our Educational pursuits to slow down or go down.

#savenigerianstudents “ 

Mayne Julee @JuleeMayne also tweeted in the same view, here’s her tweet below: “You can’t resume domestic flight and school remain shut.. Inter state travels has resumed yet students can”t travel back to school. Yes, we may just be 10% of the population but we’re 100% of the future It’s NOW OR NEVER ALUTA CONTINUES #SAVENIGERIANSTUDENTS”

Iaflame @dah_mayor tweeted: "Federal Government should

better hear our cry, and reopen our schools #SAVENIGERIANSTUDENTS”

Other tweets can bee seen below

Should Schools be Reopened under this circumstance ??

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Alsahdiq911 CSJR Mayne Julee Nigerian SAVENIGERIANSTUDENTS


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