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SCHOOL RESUMPTION: All school should Reopen JANUARY 2021. (Opinion)

The issue of school resumption has become one of the most important issue currently. As everyone is anxious and curious to the actual date of school Resumption. Ranging from the Federal Government, school teachers, students and pupils. The government is always debating on whether school should actually resume as various meeting have been held in different parts of the country. Concerning the issue currently.

Various reasons abound from different angles, if school should resume so soon. For the owners of private schools and teachers which are mostly affected, as their main source of income have been affected since the outbreak of the lockdown. They are very eager to see that school resume as soon as possible. And also for most parents it would be a relief to them as the level of food consumption has increased rapidly, and they are willing that their children return back to school.

Yes WAEC candidates will soon start up their EXAMINATIONS that was postponed, as a result of the Lockdown, as the government has proposed. 

All over students are yearning for the resumption date, Especially final year students so as to enable them go on with their projects and round up. As they been delayed already due to the lockdown.

From the ongoing various set of people are on the neck of the government,for them to give a final order concerning school Resumption date.

In my opinion it is needless reopening school, all school should remain closed till JANUARY 2021. Yes all school from nursery to tertiary institution should remain closed. Many obvious reasons abound to this OPINIONN

1. It does not stop in school Resumption alone, or reopening of School. But the effect and consequences there after on the populace, should be first put to consideration. Many people will think this coro is not real. But come to think of other great countries like France, China, and even the US as the cases keep rising daily and people are dying untimely also. Come to think of our country where there are still recorded cases of death.

2. Schools should resume next year preferably, so that the government will not rush into taking irrational decisions, as it concerns human life and health.

3. Children in the nursery and primary section are too tender and will not fully comprehend all the guidelines and measures put in place for their safety. Thereby endangering the health and life of our young ones.

4. It will be in the right order if schools reopen next year. To avoid more outbreak of cases in the country. As the government is still battling with the Recorded cases already.

In my opinion all schools ranging from Nursery to Higher Institutions should re open JANUARY 2021.

What's your opinion? Share your thoughts below. 

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