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Are private school owners and teachers prioritizing money over the lives of their students?

Some days ago, private school teachers wrote an open letter to the Federal government and the general public as regards resumption of school in the country, they threatened to protest if schools don’t resume soon. The Federal Government had proposed resumption of school’s weeks ago but it rescinded its decision due to the ever rising corona virus cases in the country. The decision by the Federal Government seem to be in a bid to protect the lives our siblings and children but the private school owners and teachers seem to be prioritizing their pockets ahead of the lives of these children.

Since corona virus hit Nigeria in full scale, schools have been on break and this will also mean parents are not obligated to pay school fees or any other fees that these schools are supposed to earn, though some schools tried to set up virtual/online tutorials for their students but it failed massively because of high cost of internet and the incessant power outage bedeviling the country. The ripple effect of this is that private school teachers will not be paid because services has not been rendered and the school is not earning anything for the time being, that has been the case for almost four (4) months.

If schools resume now, what’s the guarantee that these schools will adhere strictly to the stipulated guidelines put in place by the Government to curb the spread of corona virus in the school premises. If a teacher is carrying the virus unknowingly and infects his students, the danger in this is that other students will most likely get infected too and these same children will go home to infect everyone at home and other children in their neighborhood, the spread will be too rapid and damaging. A case study to support this is the resumption of school in Ghana, teachers and students have been infected and this has led to the recent upward spiral of cases in the country, that might be the case of Nigeria if schools are allowed to open now.

The argument of private school owners and teachers is valid but we need to put the lives of our kids and siblings first before money, we are yet to flatten the curve in Nigeria as of today, the cases are not dropping and until that happens it might be for the good of everyone to close down the school until Nigeria flattens the curve.

As a parent/guardian are you comfortable with schools reopening now?

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