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The physical state of Nigerian Universities after resumption

The physical state of Nigerian Universities after resumption

The University or college is a higher learning institution where one gets his final education unless he/she decides to go for masters.


In Nigeria, we have numerous universities ranging from the Federal Universities to Private Universities to State Universities. Earlier last year (2020), following the Nation wide lockdown which was implemented to help curb the spread of the world wide pandemic, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) declared an indefinite strike because of the salaries that weren't paid by the Federal Government. The "ASUU" strike, although only affected the Federal Universities, those in Private Universities were also forced to stay at home because of the Corona virus outbreak.

Soon after the lockdown was lifted, the students from private universities resumed while those from the federal universities continued to stay at home because of the strike. The students were made to stay at home for up to 3 months after the lockdown was lifted.

Earlier this year, a date for resumption was set after the strike was called off. It was no surprise that students swarmed the school premises upon resumption as most of them must have been tired of staying at home.

Now, what was the physical state of the universities after resumption? 

Taking the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) for example, it appeared that most part of the University were abandoned upon the departure of the students. The grasses were overgrown, the hostels were messed up and we're really looking unhealthy. Talking about the classes, most of them were left as bad as they were, no reconstructions were made nothing at all, the roads were not patched or reconstructed. Focusing more on where I stay, the boys hostel, the cable which was connected to the transformer for electricity was stolen, the toilets and bathrooms were messed up and the environments were really unhealthy. 

One would have expected that reconstructions would have been made during this lockdown and strikes but no, none of those happened. Hopefully major reconstructions would be made but none of those looks plausible right now.

Such dirty, unhealthy and rough looking environment is not advisable or encourage proper learning or creativity.

Our University Chancellor's and people at head offices should look deeply into this matter. The University is a research and learning environment and should be properly taken care of.

What do you think of this?

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