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Most Women's Hatred for Mathematics - Is It Hereditary or Biblical?

I studied Engineering course in the University of Technology, Mechanical engineering to be specific and it took me 5 years to scape through. I recall that we were about 137 students in the department, 6 females and 131 males. In fact, if it were Electrical Engineering, you might have fewer or no female students at all!

So, why such a scanty number of women in mathematics related courses? As an engineer, I think I can provide answers to this!

The journey to an engineering course starts from primary school. And the core subject to master very well is Mathematics, not for pupils intending to study engineering courses alone but for all the science courses. At this stage, this is where having interest in Mathematics begins.

Yes, some people are born genius! It might not be too painstaking for them to master Mathematics. However, if you don't belong to this class, Mathematics requires proper tutoring from the teachers, proper monitoring from the parents and self-efforts from the students being taught.

Even, with all things being equal, yet, it is always discovered that men love mathematics more than their women counterparts. In other words, men perform better than the women when it comes to mathematics! I may not have statistical data to back up my claim though, but it is obvious!

As a result, the arguments have always been why we have few women in the fields of mathematics and other related courses like engineering or science? 

Knowing Mathematics has nothing to do with genders. Anyone can know it even if you are not born genius! Mathematics requires painstaking constant practice. To do that, you must develop never-give-u spirit. You don't give up easily! They say practice makes perfect.

This is where the problem lies for most women. They give up easily just like they exhibit in real life issues. In mathematics, making mistakes are unavoidable but ability to trace your working steps makes you better knowing the subject!

In as much any woman or individual continues to give up easily, you would hate Mathematics like shit! 

But why women hate mathematics but love counting money? Is it hereditary, biblical or spiritual?

To be genius could be hereditary but not spiritual or biblical! If a family lineage has history of 'Genius Genes' in their DNAs, it is likely the generations continue having it. Therefore​, the probability of having women that know mathematics is larger!

When it comes to women love counting money, I think naturally women are more materialistic! Women tend to be easily lured with money due to excessive love they have for it. Therefore, love counting money by women, could be more of biblical!

To be fair enough, nobody hates counting money, we all love money. Besides, counting money is called business not 'deep' mathematics. So, counting money is personal maths, nobody asks you to solve anything, simplify or factorise!

Frankly speaking, knowing mathematics is interesting. It helps you to be multitasking, to be persvered and be smarter!


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