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I Sponsored my sister through the University, see how she paid me back - Maurice Abu say

I Sponsored my Sister Through the University, see how she paid me back.

Life they say is not fair and not balance. But it's always right to do the right thing when the need arises.

My name is Maurice Abu, from a family of four, my parents gave birth to just two of us, myself and my younger sister.

Life is sometimes difficult to scale through, unfortunately i was not able to further my tertiary education for lack of financial reasons. I have to drop out from school so I can learn a skill, and I was able to learn barbing and from there I was able to open my own barber shop.

I decided that my only sister will further her education to the university and i promise to see her through if only she promised to make the family proud.. as a descent girl that we all know her, she always promise she will never forget her family background while in school. And she didn't fail us, at least not for once.

I worked so hard in my shop, and sometimes I offer home services to enable me pay my sister's school fees. I was able to pay for everything, but my concern was for her to concentrate on her studies and make us proud. While in school, she met a guy she introduced to me as her boyfriend, I was not bothered Because she was matured enough to keep a healthy relationship, everything was going well not until she finally graduated from school.

She got a job in a well paying company but my sister's attitude suddenly changed the moment she started receiving salaries. She totally refused to support the family financially, each time I call her for money she always say she is out of funds, so I decided to ask her what she does with her money only for her to tell me that her fiance told her not to give anyone money, including her family members to, I was so shucked hearing her say all of this to me.

Where was her fiance when I was suffering to pay her fees in school?

Where was he when the family was starving for food only to make her feed while in school?

What was his contributions towards her education?

Is she supposed to continue giving this guy money even when the family has not officially known him yet?

All of this thought were going through my heart while leaving her house.

Don't you think she is an ungrateful person?

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Maurice Abu


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