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Common errors undergraduates make in their use of English

Pupils, Students as well as graduates often times misuse the verb in their speech.

The verb as an action or doing word can be classified as either STATIVE or DYNAMIC.

The STATIVE verb which includes words like seem, remain, understand, hear, owe, taste etc cannot be express in the "ing" form e.g tasting, bursting etc.

WRONG; I am not understanding you.

CORRECT: I can't/don't understand you.

WRONG:Are you hearing me?

CORRECT: Can you hear me?

WRONG: You've been hating me all these years

CORRECT: you've hated me all these years

WRONG: I'm not seeing the chalkboard

CORRECT: I can't see the chalkboard

WRONG: The food is tasting delicious

CORRECT: The food tastes delicious

WRONG: I am belonging to Jesus

CORRECT: I belong to Jesus

WRONG; Charles is having my pen

CORRECT: Charles is with my pen

WRONG: Are you thinking it is going to rain?

CORRECT: Do you think it is going to rain?

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