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Identify your gifting and apply it appropriately.

Every man is born with a specific gift/talent. This is refers as a natural ability or intelligent. Just as the Bible says, " the gift of a man makes room for him", the purpose in you has the ability to employ you for a life time. What you need to do is to identify this gift and ready to apply it inorder to solve human's problems.

The truth is we can only identify this gifts in us when we have the right minds, because a positive mind finds opportunity in everything while a negative mind finds excuses. Everyone of us is born with a right mind to do things that can give God rest. The reason why God is not at rest so many times is because man is not at work. God should stop bordering Himself with the things He has given us a capacity to do and the broblems He has empowered us to solve.

There is is a diamond mind inside of you. There is a treasure gift inside of you, but you got to find it. Until you identify your gifting you cannot become a gift to your world, and he who is not a gift to his world cannot be celebrated by his world. Therefore, when you identify your gifting and use it appropriately to solve problems, it will not just pay you a commercial value, but also makes you a better collaborator, communicator, educator, innovator, critical thinker, problem solver and a citizen of our global economy.

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