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The 'Best' Age To Study Medicine

A handful of people have delayed instead of starting what they want. Most of them see age as an obstacle, especially the ones with family and also the number of years they have to spend in medical school.

Professional courses in medicine are a highly sorted course by candidates. It is the course that receives the highest application by students each year via the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Many a student is considering or pondering on the best age to start medicine. The reality is that the time you thought of studying medicine coupled with the zeal, that is the best time to go for what you want.

Older people are afraid to go for the course in medicine which they have passion for. Putting the six-year duration and the stress into consideration, they tend to give in. 

It is better you achieve your goals or dreams late than not achieving and full of regrets.

I know you don't want your life to be full of regrets. 

Step your leg on the staircase to start the journey!

The age you are now is an inspiration to both young and old if you can use it to fulfill that dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Your children, wife or family members would be glad you did.

The path might be full of discouragement, but you have to muster your courage to overcome it.

Do you know if you are to break or keep a record by going to the medicine?

Don't sit down all day thinking.

Let the clock start ticking that you are already a step away from fulfilling the dream you nurtured of becoming a doctor.

There is no harm in giving it a try.

Your story will definitely be an inspiration to many who will hear and also want to listen to your amazing story.

I want to hear your story that you are a doctor so and so who made it at long last!

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