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5 Reasons Why School May Resume Before Ending Of July (Opinion)

Most student are already gradually losing on school resumption for this year, most has started doing one job or the other, to at least earn something, and keep themselves busy.

Most has even totally forgotten about school, some has gotten pregnant, and some has put school behind them, while most has taken their mind off school resumption this year.

President Buhari, earlier announced that all schools should reopen for graduating student, which gave most student hope of school resumption the following month, but it was later reversed, after the ministry of education made it known that school environment is not yet safe for student, and schools were shut down again, which made everyone lost hope concerning school resumption this year.

However, hope for school resumption this year is not yet lost, schools are still likely to resume this year.

Here are five reasons why schools may resume this year.

1) Markets and churches has been reopened: if there is anywhere the spread of the virus will be fast, it's in the markets, if markets can be reopened, then there is high assurance that schools will be reopened this year too

2) Interstate ban has been lifted, it's interstate ban, that has been restricting people's movement, now that it has been lifted, then schools are likely to resume soon

3) There are lay down, preventive measures, for students to protect themselves against the virus.

4) Since markets and churches has been reopened, the spread of the virus has not gone beyond control, which can be considered for school resumption.

5) Everyone already knows the effect of the virus, and will not do anything to contact the virus, by not adhering to safety measures.

With the above 5 reasons, I believe schools will reopen before ending of July. 

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