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8 Ways to Help Children Who Are Slow Learners to Learn Faster

Slow Learners are children below average intelligence, whose thinking skills have developed more slowly than the norm for their age. According to Griffin 1978 - "Slow Learners are students who learn slowly than their peers yet do not have a disability requiring special education".

Slow Learners are not "Non Learners", they must be taught. A few adjustments in their learning process can make a big difference.

Here are a few ways to assist them:

1. Educators can give more practice problems in particular subject areas such as Spelling, Reading and Comprehension, Mental, Maths etc.

2. Show patience, if necessary teach them after school. ( Create a Maths, Science, Spelling Clinic for them).

3. Slow Learners need detailed explanation. Educators should give clear instructions to them and have them repeat the instructions if necessary.

4. Slow Learners have a short attention span. They sometimes have a hard time sitting still and remaining focus in class. Class Educators can help them focus their attention on learning by providing seats for them in front of the class, calling their names at intervals during teaching time and asking them questions.

5. Help them organise their work by providing a planner with a checklist format. Their parents or guardians can be told to help them check if their assignments are completed.

6. Create emotional security by not embarrassing them in the presence of their mates.

7. Slow Learners need motivation, encouragement and lots of praises. Educators should encourage them to always express their opinions, talk about their feelings, write it down, show enthusiasm for their interest and encourage them to explore subjects that fascinate them.

8. Finally, do not limit "their learning" to the classroom, ask their parents/guardians to follow through their school work and assist them at home.

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Griffin Reading and Comprehension


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