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School Resumption: An Open Letter to All Undergraduates of Federal Universities

The year we just left behind was a terrible year no doubt. It was terrible for students because alot of issues sprang up along the line making many students unable to complete their studies; the year was very harsh on university undergraduates as final year students were not able to complete their studies nor graduate.

The issues experienced in 2020 moved from being the Coronavirus pandemic to the indefinite strike that followed suit further ensuring the students remain at home till 2021. But I believe everyone is happy because there is light at the end of tunnel and notwithstanding the fact that covid-19 is still ravaging the nation, the chances that students will soon get back into the classroom are high. As we are all anticipating a call back to the classroom, there is need to take note of the information below.

1. All Students Should Start Preparing Now: it is important for all students of Federal Institutions to know that once schools are called to resume, there won't be time to start brushing us up on what we already learnt the previous year. There is no time for that, most students are returning to school to do their examinations and not for any kind of revision whatsoever. So, if you care about your grades, start reading and chewing your books now.

2. Covid-19 Protocols Will Be Highly Observed: as a student be it private or public universities, you need to prepare with the necessary preventive measures against the pandemic because it will be taken very seriously. As you are enjoying your holidays, also start budgeting your sanitizers and Face masks as that will certainly be needed for school operations. Avoid embarrassment by making available the Covid-19 preventive equipments.

3. Lastly, I don't think there will ever be time for fun in school. I say this because the returning students need to finish the former session i.e. the 2020 session that they have not concluded yet before new students can be admitted. So if you are going back to school this time around, throw away any idea that you are going to have fun and embrace your studies wholeheartedly. There won't be time for fun at all for the returning students, or even the new students.

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