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NYSC Should Be More Strict With Corpers Who Fail In Their Obligations During Their Service (Opinion)

Some National Youth Service Corp members default in their service year and nothing happen to most of them. The reason most of them default is that, they assume NYSC isn't strict enough with their process or in recording keeping.

Most at times, NYSC does not make open those who failed in their service year obligations known to the public and this is one reason most corners think they are not serious about the service scheme. 

National Youth Service Corp is a remarkable scheme which help Nigerians to grow regarding worth ethics and experience. Skipping the process for personal gains is an intentional act, and that should not be left untouched. 

As a graduate, you show example that the academic system works while the training you went through shows that you are ready to become a better law-abiding citizen.

So, in my opinion, defaulters or Corp members who fail to meet their service year obligations should be brought to book and punish accordingly.

This will serve as a sign of serious warning or deterrent to the incoming ones, and also it will help to strengthen the NYSC program as well.

Thanks for reading this article. 

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