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Reasons why students fail exam

1)Poor Management of Time:Time management is a very important process in passing exams. A lot of students fail their exams due to the poor time management they have. Students should learn to have a studying schedule so that there'll be time to study and the time to do other things

2)Not Preparing For the Exam: If a student has a poor time management of time it is impossible for a student to pass an exam. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you don’t know that you need to prepare your self beforehand or the deadline, too. I

3)Procastinating :procastination is a poison when study,procrastination is when a student is postponing his or her studying schedule to a later date. Students should learn to stick with a particular studying schedule so that they won't fail miserably.

4)Distractions: A lot of things can distract a student from studying which includes their phones,TV etc. Parents should urge to seize their children's phones when it is time for exams because it will help them to focus on studying.

5)Absence From Class: A lot of students don't attend classes because they are not interested in Learning,so they go and do unnecessary things,I urge parents to keep an eye on their children so they don't turn to something else.

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