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7 Types of Students during an Unexpected Test, Nigerian Students can relate

In schools, sometimes the Lecturer gives an unannounced test, he will just take everyone by surprise. Most at times, when the lecturer sees that the class is scanty, or that they are making noise, that's when he will decide to give an unexpected test. In my school, there is one of our lecturers that normally gives test whenever he ask a question and nobody gives him the answer.

During an unexpected test, there are different categories of students and that's what we would be looking at.

1. The Prepared Ones.

These ones are the ones that usually read their book daily, they are usually first class students. They always come to the class very preparing, and expectant. They are the types that always go through their notes before any lecture. Usually you will find these set of people in the front row of the class and you will always see them with empty sheet of paper.

2. The Unorganized Ones.

These set of students always borrow everything including pen. They are the type that just come to school so that they don't miss attendance. Once the lecturer say's that every should get ready for test, that's when they will remember that they don't have writing materials.

3. The Lost Ones

These guys normally sit at the back. Sometimes, you will see them with earpiece, they will be listening to music while lectures is going on, it is when they see what others are doing, that's when their attention comes to the class.

4. Cheating Planners

These particular set of guys usually sit close to the back, where the Lecturers can hardly see what is going on. The look for someone that's brilliant and attach themselves to them. They sometimes engage in malpractice.

5. The Informants

These guys are very special set of people. They are special because they inform all their class mates that there is a test that's going on. They will call every contact on their phone. If you have ever wondered why a class of 100 students will increase to more than 200 persons when a test is just announced, just know that it is the work of the Informants.

6. The ones that try to meet up. These set of people try their best to meet up after their friends have called them and informed them of a the test.

7. Unbothered Ones.

These set of people hardly attend class, they are like ghost students. Even after they have been called that there is a test, you will still not see them. They are the I don't care group.

Which category do you fall under?

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