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5Bitcoin or 5.0CGPA - chose wisely after reading this

Please take not that this post is just for fun,drop your sincere opinion.

I came across this funny picture on my WhatsApp account and I posted it once on my status and I haven't recovered from pain in the lower part of my abdomen due to laughter from people's replies.

If you I am to chose between a 5.0CGPA and 5BTC(millions of nainara) which will I go for? I am a student of OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, I laughed when I saw this post, firstly I thought of what Millions of naira could help me achieve at this time, then I smiled, my school is one of the craziest University ever,but then I thought of the respect and record graduating with 5.0 CGPA would bring me I was puzzled. Lols

On my WhatsApp status I got lots of responses one of my viewer said and I quote "it is stupidity,if I chose 5.0CGPA over 5BTC what if I'm destined not to earn with my certificate"

Another even said " me choosing 5BTC means I have wisdom"

Let me throw this questions to the house now

If you are offered 5Bitcoin and 5.0CGPA which will you go for chose wisely o????

Please this is just for fun,I would like to hear from you guys drop comment on the comment box let's catch some fun

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