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Avoid these common and uncommon mistakes in your upcoming JAMB

J.A.M.B (Joint admission and matriculation board) dates to start registration has been announced and registration will be starting on 8th of April and comes to end on 5th of May.

These are the what you need to know and mistakes you need to avoid, while registering and at your centre/hall of your examination.

Application charges fluctuation:

Since, the price for the application of the exam form is not fixed, no one can say what the exam fees is now but should be in between #4000-#7000, it varies because each cafes add thier own charges to it, so the charges that this cafe might add to its own exam fees might be different from the charges that another cafe will add to his/her charges. So to safe yourself the stress of going there several times, go with the highest sum mentioned above, and the earlier you register the better, in order to re-print your slip early and know the exam date and venue early.

Uploading of results(bio data):

Be careful and cautious when they are uploading your details(bio data) and o'level result, because a simple mistake from there might be used later to destroy your hope to gain admission that year, when it's already too late to correct the errors, so even after cross checking everything very well, you must also write down your login details, your e-mails because they will also be reaching you via that channel.

Comply with centre rules: when you get to your exam hall, you must comply with the rules and regulations in order not to be sent out or have your result withdrawn, when you are already on your exam seat, try not to get distracted with anything or by anybody and read your questions calmly and choose your answers wisely,

Time conscious :

Be time conscious, because once you login with your login details like this, your time is going already, so if you don't know a question, click on to the next question and stop wasting your time on that one question because time is going, and once you are done with the rest you can then go back to the one that look tricky and solve it calmly. Trick to make this easy, apart from reading the comprehension passages (try to be using 20-30seconds) for solving each question.

Wish you all the best, and I pray may you score more than more than your expectation.

Please share and like this post if it's really helpful, and also follow up. May we all be blessed..... Amen.

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