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School Reopening what is behind its hold back

The federal government is skeptical about resumption not because it is protecting the children. But because the ministers who have their children enrolled in schools abroad are preventing resumption to ensure the pandemic is completely curbed in countries of their studies.

The ministers are using different ideas in trying to prevent the president from allowing the reopening of schools. A right thinking man will not stand against training. Training which lagged in our country in the past years making us to still be developing now.

For an instance, wherever a person fails to act in the manner which people expect of him. They say he lacks training, and now these big people are aware of this which is why they enrol their own children in institutions of other countries. This they do thinking that the schools are better than the ones we use in our country.

Now it so happens that many countries are not taking in foreigners and because these people were not wise enough. They allowed their children to come back home which was a wrong opinion and against the initial directives for preventing the spread of the pandemic.

Now, all the other activities are going on even interstate travel is allowed. Why then are these people still against the reopening of schools? This is because, if the schools are open now there own children will not be able to resume. Because the countries in which they study may not have started allowing foreigners - these students inclusive.

But come to think of it, because of your child you are trying to control a whole country. But this is typical of the way of their leadership. To get money for their families and not to lead for the country, state or the local community to benefit. The country's training is kept on halt and the only thing a leader could think about is his own life - family.

The whole world can be leaving under your feet but if you leave without another having power to work for you, your work will never be completed. God forbids, should your child die today what will you think you are keeping your selfish ideas for? You are already old is it not time for you to start thinking about the people? So that you will gain favour of life after death from God.

Let's think about the future of our country and stop being selfish. So we can bring about ideas that are for the whole country and not just for self benefits alone. Thanks for reading and do share for others' opinions.

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