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Boarding Schools Could Be Free

"Life Has Meaning to us Now", says the students of wonderful school that operates a boarding school system as the school is mainly for the poor, that their parents can not afford for a private school. The named school "Abolarin College Located in Oke-ila in Ifedayo Local Government Area of Osun State.

Is this not the first of it kind in this part of the world?

This is a school where free three daily meals are given to students , every other essentials, such as Books, school uniforms, bags, shoes, house wears, toiletries and others are made available for the students.

Most of the students in the school are from different parts of the country , some were hawking, following Parents to farm, wandering round aimlessly and some are from the correctional centers

The school has about 131 students within eight (8) acres of land, there are eight (8) classrooms, a story-building, library, computer room. Also have sport space like football field, volleyball court and a school farm.

The school has two bungalows, one for the for the girls hostel and the other for the boys hostel.

Aside the academic activities the school offers vocational training, Farming training.

Oba Abolarin, the founder of this school says "The school's objective is tho give opportunity to the bright but poor students to have best of education". To secure a better future for our country Nigeria. With maximum of 28 students to a teacher and a decent classroom in a conducive learning environment, Abolarin College is set to give Hope to the Hopeless in Education.

How lovely will our education sector be if this kind of Project could be implemented in all the states of the nation by private rich Nigerians ?

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Abolarin College Ifedayo Oke-ila Osun State


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