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The Common Mistake And Problem That Is Affecting Nigerians

Good morning Nigerians, Nigeria is very blessed country even when we are one of the most populated black country, yet we are so blessed with resources that could have transformed the whole country. One of the biggest mistakes or problem facing this country is what am about to discuss below, am not trying to criticize us but to show us how to make a suitable progress if we can correct our mistakes adequately.

The major problem or mistake we are doing that is really affecting us is what I called Too Know, in Nigeria before, it was the university lecturers and professors who did this mistake, but now we have internet, every one feels reluctant and think we know it all. The truth is that we are not seeking knowledge anymore because we think we know everything. Many educational books on the internet, many technological advancement books have been written but we in Nigeria are not making adequately use of them. We have been really blessed with natural resources yet we can't turn them into something that we benefit us, we don't really know but think we know all. Everyday we find someone to put the blame on, everyday we blame the government for the issues facing us. Take a lot at the other white Nation of the world, the study to know about our own natural resources yet we that have these things don't care to study, there is a big difference between studying and reading, when we read, we skim the surface, when we study, we discover the treasure. Nigerians our destiny is in our own hands, we can just to kill it or build it to the highest pick. We have faced this issues or not studying for so long now, don't you think this is the right time to study, we have platform and opportunities to get so much information in our door steps, we have social medias, we have internet, we have platform like opera news now.

One who feels he has a lot of knowledge may not be able to acquire more, if you feel like you know all about computers for example, when someone comes to teach about them, you have the tendency to ignore the teacher. Please my fellow citizen and good people of Nigeria is time to get out of our shells of Knowing Too Much in order to acquire more knowledge to transform the country to a better place for us and generations to come.

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