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Schools Might Experience Shortage of Teachers If This is Not Done.

It really saddens me that parents don't know the value of teachers in Nigeria especially in private schools.Since the lockdown in March, most teachers have been struggling to make a living, those in government school are enjoying and don't care if school resumes or not. 

After the lockdown began, most schools tried to pay their teachers for the month of March, some caring ones still tried to pay the teachers salary even if it was half for April, May and June. While other did not bother to even pay for March, they just abandon their teachers to fend for themselves.

Well, Most of them blame the government, some blamed the parents for not paying on time while others just don't want to pay.

Parents Should Note, The Following Might Happen When Schools Resume

They shouldn't expect all their teachers to resume,most of them has seen alternative ways of making a living so they will likely quit and definitely, this will lead to lack of teachers in schools.

Those that will resume may likely quit before the year runs out because many would have lost their passion to teach.

This will negatively affect their kids because most of them are already acquainted with their teachers and will be saddened to lose them after their long stay at home..

What Can Be Done To Encourage Teachers

Most teachers need encouragement right now from their employers,parents and government,it's not too late ..the following can still be done.

1.Parents should reach out to their kids teacher and encourage them with gifts,they need it now more than ever

2.Employers should try their best to send a token to the teacher's account even if it's half salary just to encourage them.

3.The government should also do their best to support private school teachers since they are being forced to stay at home..

If we don't value what we have now, we might lose it forever and it will totally be our faults.

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