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JAMB Preparatory Questions and Answers for Chemistry Students

JAMB Preparatory Questions and Answers for Chemistry Students.

1. The lightest substance known is Hydrogen.

2. Only Hydrogen undergoes duplet state.

3. Ethene is used for ripening of fruits.

4. Metalliods are also referred to as Semi-metals.

5. Uncovered foods/fruits on the road are exposed to Lead ion.

6. Copper is a transition element/metal and they have variable oxidation states, which are Cu and Cu2.

7. Condensation is the process whereby vapour loose some of its kinetic energy to a colder body and changes into its liquid state.

8. Latent heat of Vaporization can be defined as the heat energy required to overcome the cohesive forces during boiling.

9. Valency is simply defined as the combining power of an element.

10. Fermentation is the breaking down of large organic molecules, E.g Starch by micro organisms into smaller molecules, E.g Ethanol.

10. Sieving is a separating technique used to separate solid particles of different sizes.

11. The valency or oxidation number of Hydrogen is +1, but in metallic hydrides, such as NaH it's -1.

12. Oxygen usually have a valency of -2, but in Hydrogen peroxide, its oxidation number is -1.

13. Helium is used in hot air balloons.

14. Butter is solid at room temperature because it is saturated.

15. Fractional distillation is used in separating elements with different boiling points.

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