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The First Female Vice Chancellor Of A Nigerian University

Being a university Vice-Chancellor is not a small achievement. One who will get to such high and honorable position must have attained higher university degrees.

Grace Alele Williams was the first woman to become a university Vice-Chancellor in Nigeria. She attained this noble rank, Vice-Chancellor University of Benin in the year 1985.

Professor Grace Williams who was born in Warri, had her Secondary education in Queen's College, Lagos. She obtained her first and second degrees from the University of Ibadan. Young Grace, taught Mathematics in Queen's School, Ede in Osun State after her first degree.

In 1963, She became the first Nigeria Woman to have a Ph.D. Grace Williams earned her doctorate degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago. She was appointed an assistant professor in Vermont University.

The great mathematician returned to Nigeria and joined University of Ibadan. She was pronounced a professor of mathematics in 1976. She progressed to the University of Lagos as a senior mathematics lecturer.

Professor Grace Alele Williams was an internationally respectable mathematician. She led numerous workshops on mathematics both in Africa and in United States of America. She is a winner of many awards both in Nigeria and across the world.

In 1985, Professor Williams became the first Nigeria Woman to be made a University Vice-Chancellor. She was appointed the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin. She contributed immensely to the development of education in Nigeria and Africa. Her footprints shall remain forever.

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