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OPINION: Adverse Effect of Schools Closure on the Nigerian Child

It is no longer news that schools have been closed in Nigeria since the end of March this year. What is now news is what many countries are doing and implementing to recover from the underlying effect of the pandemic.

Nigerians have continued to grapple with inconsistencies in government pronouncements on schools reopening which has resulted in anxieties among school owners, parents, teachers and children alike. Some countries even in Africa have critically looked at the possibility of losing a whole year especially for those in exiting classes and found a way to help their future not being lost altogether.

The continued closure of schools has generated a lot of comments from various personalities in the economy. While some have advocated that the Nigerian government is majorly concerned with the safety of the Nigerian child which is true in their opinion, others think the government should have looked for a better approach that will be all-inclusive with the aim of not destabilizing completely the future of the Nigerian child.

The continued closure of schools have presented some adverse effect which can be readily seen in the society today. Many children are seen on the streets playing football; some now spend the whole day in betting houses and game shops. Many more may lose interest in educational pursuit and may resort to business or other apprenticeship ventures. Some have also resorted certain vices and exhibit delinquent behaviours. While some may be the perpetrators, others may end up becoming victims of these nefarious acts in the long run.

Hence, this is an appeal to the Nigerian government to take bold and urgent steps to safeguard the future of the Nigerian child. Recently, the Commissioners of Education in the South-Western States have taken the bold move to help children in their region as they have come up with strategies on how school with resume while adhering to guidelines that will curtail the spread of the virus. The federal government can toe this line and give cogent directives on the effective reopening of schools while monitoring compliance with its stated guidelines.

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