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Everything you need to Know about OAU admission process

OAU Post UTME exam is coming up soon. And there are some things you need to know about Obafemi Awolowo post UTME exam. In this article, I will also teach you how to pass the exam successfully.

Before you apply for the Post UTME form, You must firstly know how to calculate your aggregate score. If you don't know how to, use these steps below;

You have to firstly divide your UTME score by 8. E.g if Bayo's UTME score is 240, that is 240/8, which is thirty points.

Then, your O level result (WASSCE, NECO, OLEVEL) , divide it by 5. Use your five main subjects in your exams.

See below how the OLEVEL points are graded below:

A1 - 10 points, B2 - 9 , B3 - 8 , C4 -7, C5- 6 C6- 5, others - 0.

After you are through, add your points in UTME and Olevel together. I hope that is clear, or you can check the example below;

Bayo had A1 in all his main five subjects, and his UTME points is 30. His Olevel points will be 5*10=50. Divide 50/5= 10 points. Totally, his points in Post utme and Olevel is 40.

OAU's exam is Computer Based test. It is based on 40 questions and the duration is just one hour. Let's say Bayo scored 28 in his POST UTME, that is 28+40=68 points.

Note that OAU exam is easy to pass and fail. You just have to be guided about the admission.

What you need during the exam is speed, accuracy, brilliancy and the G- factor, i.e God. During this lockdown, you should have read and cover up all what you need to know before this pandemic is over.

Make sure all your results are ready. Also, make sure you check your subject combination before applying for any course. Note that OAU doesn't accept Commerce. Don't put commerce in your subjects.

Make sure you are prepared for the exam and have your certificates.

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