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The importance of education in national development.

Check out the importance of education in national development.

The fact that education is imperative to national development cannot be over-emphasized. No nation can develop without education. In fact, education always engineers the development of nations. Industrialized or developed countries of the world like Japan, the United States of America, and Britain achieved rapid development because of their exposure to education, especially scientific education.

Modern days inventions especially in the area of technology can not be achieved without education. Technological inventions like airplanes, ships, electricity, and numerous electronic gadgets that make lives easy for people in the world today could not be accomplished without education. These inventions are nothing but scientific accomplishments that are engendered by scientific researchers. These inventions contribute in no small measure to the development of nations where they are made.

Apart from this, improvements in the area of medicine and communication come about as a result of education. Nowadays, it is easy to communicate with people across the world. In fact, achievements recorded in any nation cannot be separated from the educational development of such on. This is the reason why any nation which wishes to develop must adequately structure and fund the education of its people. Tremendous improvement in agriculture could not have been possible without technological facilities like tractors, harvesters, mowers to agricultural could not have been possible without technological education. Countries that invent these modern agricultural tools sell them to developing nations and through this, they earn wealth which is used for national developments. Apart, from this, these countries are able to feed their citizens.

Undoubtedly, education is important to national development as nations that neglect the education of citizens can never witness both economic and social development.

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