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"We are Tired of Staying at Home!".- Nigerian Students Calls on Federal Government to Open Schools.

An online peaceful protest is being staged on Twitter right now. The hashtag #SaveNigerianStudents is currently trending Number One on Twitter.

Many Nigerians have come together to show their feelings and pains about the school which has been closed since 4 months ago.

Most are of the opinion that since it's safe to open the markets, airports, banks, and elections are being conducted, School should also be opened.

A Nigerian Student and a Twitter user also backed it up by asking if the government is doing this because the Educational sector isn't generating money for them.

Many Nigerians also joined claiming they are tired of sitting at home, their hostel fee is wasting, errand at home is too much, their body is getting too much fat, the brain is getting dull while the future plans are getting delayed.

Many patriotic Nigerians have also joined the trending events encouraging the federal government to open the school, stating that Education is important for a nation and shouldn't be treated with levity.

What is your opinion about this? Do you think school should be reopened or should it remain closed? Don't forget to share, like, and comment.

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