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Primary Education


School Resumption: All Grade Schools, Both Public And Private Schools Should Observe This.

School resumption: All primary schools, both private and public, should observe this. 

The national government is attempting to revive schools soon, however as I would like to think the government ought not revive private and public primary schools in light of the fact that these understudies can't enough deal with themselves, yet rather the necessities of the government colleges, specialized universities and different universities to resume. Since these higher organizations have full comprehension of COVID-19. 

Fundamental government ought not re-open both essential and tuition based schools because: 

1. These understudies can't keep up social separation. 

2. They can't generally utilize face covers. 

3. They can't wash your hands normally. 

4. They had no total comprehension of COVID-19. 

The government should observe this. In any case, the national government needs to reopen colleges and universities. 

To your own view, do you think reviving those schools won't cause another problem to Nigeria economy ?

Your opinions are also welcome. 

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