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Allah akbar:Richest man in history is a Muslim

Mansa Musa, the king of Timbuktu lived from 1280-1337. According to Times, he was richer than anyone could describe. Rudolph Ware, an associate professor of history at the University of Michigan, said, “This is the richest guy anyone has ever seen, that’s the point.”

Mansa Musa of the <a class=Mali Empire (by Abraham Cresques, Public Domain)"/>Mansa Musa I was the ruler of the Mali Empirein West Africa from 1312 to 1337 CE. Controlling territories rich in gold and copper, as well as monopolising trade between the north and interior of the continent, the Mali elite grew extremely wealthy. A Muslim like his royal predecessors, Mansa Musa brought back architects and scholars from his pilgrimage to Mecca who would build mosques and universities that made such cities as Timbuktuinternationally famous. Mansa Musa’s 1324 CE stopover in Cairo, though, would spread Mali’s fame even further and on to Europe where tall tales of this king’s fabulous wealth in gold began to stir the interest of traders and explorers. Mansa Musa, the Mali Empire’s greatest ever ruler, was said to have spent so much gold in the markets of the Egyptian citythat the value of bullion crashed by 20%.

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