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States In Nigeria With The Highest Number Of Universities

The amount of University in a country or state signifies how well the country or state is developing, and how well they might be securing the destinies of up coming youths with great ambition in the country. Based on data gathered from the National Universities Commission, Punch has recorded that Ogun State has the most Universities in Nigeria.

Most people believe that the educational sector in Nigeria needs to be looked into and improved as population increases. These are some of the consequences that most developing countries face, and Nigeria happens to be one of them. The idea of investing in, and developing the educational system of a country or state as time goes on, is so that young growing kids who are ambitious will grow into a system where they can actualize their dreams and make the country a better place. A solid educational foundation is the only way to actualise these goals!

According to data collected by Punch, Nigeria currently has about two hundred and nineteen (219) Universities, including one hundred and eleven (111) private institutions, fifty nine (59) state-owned institutions, and forty nine (49) Federal Colleges.

Based on Punch's analysis of NUC data, it was shown that Ogun state has sixteen accredited Universities, one Federal University, two state-owned Universities, and like thirteen other private institutes.

After seeing the data collected from Punch about Ogun state University, next to it on the list with the higher number of University is Delta State. Delta state has thirteen (13) authorised institution according to this date including the Nigerian Maritime Institution, and two other Federal Universities. Delta also has four-state owned institutions and seven private universities.

This shows how much Nigeria is developing and making advances in it's educational sector. We can only pray and hope for more universities and educational bodies in every state of Nigeria to make the country a better place.

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