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How the Legal Profession is becoming Worthless in Nigeria

Did You Study Law

Is Law as a discipline really overrated? Can qualified lawyers starve and die of hunger? Much more likely. 

Is the profession a noble one? Indeed, it is. There's no doubt about it's relevance in the society. It's a prestigious discipline that does not immune lawyers from hunger and frustration. 

So, you better put on your thinking cap. If you keep living in the past, in a false and fake world of fantasy, you'll end up in delusion, and abject poverty. 

Recently, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) advised lawyers, especially young lawyers, to go into agriculture to escape the scourge of hunger and frustration occassioned by joblessness. 

To make a living as a lawyer, you must work for it. You will first have to derobe yourself of the euphoric pride associated with the profession. You have to walk the streets for clients. See, no client will come looking for you. The market is already saturated. 

The Rules of Professional Conduct and the Legal Practitioner's Act restricted practising lawyers from engaging in certain businesses such as trading etc. In the opinion of the legal profession regulatory bodies, such businesses were incompatible with the status of a legal practitioner. I laff in geesi. 

Funny enough, because of these sections, law students and young lawyers tend to see themselves and their profession as superior to others. That's a breathtaking lie. Oga lawyer, see you see hunger and poverty. If you allow this false sense of confidence and entitlement to becloud your psyche, then you'll succeed in being learned in capital poverty. 

Truth, there's nothing particularly special in Law. Forget about the hype. The wig and gown earn you nothing if you don't work hard to make a living. 

Now, why did I study Law?

It was inadvertent. I never dreamt of ever acquiring a degree in Law. 

I was in my office when some young lawyers, perhaps, close associates visited me. We discussed lot of issues. While the discussion was raging like a tempest, they reminded me that I lacked the mental capacity to go the extent I went. They equally submitted that they were lawyers, superior in all respects to me. They also reiterated that I would not succeed the academic drilling that Law entails. Jisos! 

Fast forward, some "ESUT lawyers" as Justice Attah would always say, who added me on their facebook page once told me that I would spend 20 years studying Law if I tried it. They presented the course as a "rocket law" rather than a rocket science. 

Then, one day, I decided to apply. I was not serious about it as I was just a year old in my master's degree journey at Unizik-NAU. 

I was offered admission by the prestigious university of Nigeria without my immediate e knowledge. It took almost two months before my boss in office told me he saw my name in the list of those offered admission. I was passionless about the news. He subsequently invited me and encouraged to give it a try. I reminded him of my programme in Anambra state. He was confident I would cope. 

I started and graduated high. I dymistified the course and came out shoulder high. All those time, I'd been seeing many lawyers roaming the streets in a pitiful state. 

And I ask: what's prestigious and noble about Law?

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