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3 reasons why you haven't achieved anything in life after graduation-[OPINION]

You are fustrated ain't you?, you are doing everything you can but still No achievement?. You want to get a job but nobody wants to employ you because you're not qualified, so you've given up and decided to start selling provisions. Now you've seen this article and you're probably wondering what kind of piece of information will it give you. Well let's check it out then

Being a university student is great . It's filled with fun, regrets, achievements, hope and so on. But we are not going to disagree that many people are still unemployed even if they graduated well. But do you know that sometimes it's not the Country's fault?. Do you know that part of it is also your fault?. With the low employment rate increasing in Nigeria, unemployed Residence have the full right to blame the Country, the President and the Government. But most times it's not their fault, sometimes we also play a part in our misfortune

Below are the reasons why I think you have not achieved anything in life even after graduation. This isn't to say that everything written on this article is 💯% true. These are just my opinions and I feel like it's going to help you guys. At list it might strengthen you if you're about to give up on your dreams

1. No future preparations

yes no future preparations. No nothing

Being a University Student is a great experience but have you ever think of your future why you where in University?. Have you ever wondered how your future would be?, have you thought of the things you'll do if you have finally graduate?. Have you learned any skills?. Like ' Graphic Designing, Computer's training, hair plaiting, or make up? ' if you haven't, or maybe you think that you can just attend University without even engaging yourself with any business then you're really wasting your time. As a Nigeria Student, it is a must to have a side job that could support you in school, except if your parents are powerful people then you can just sit back and do nothing

2. No Connection with God

how can you achieve anything when you don't even know your Creator?, When you don't even worship him. You don't believe in him, and you don't pray to him then why won't your enemies be able to defeat you easily?...

I'm sure that you're angry right now. You're already cursing at me in your mind. Many of you will say ' I've prayed to him but he hasn't answered ' . How do you know that?, What if God was preparing to Bless you but your faith was too low?, and listen it's only people with low faith that can conclude that God doesn't answers their prayers. Remember that God is not a Magician God, He is a Miraculous God, he is the God that does the impossible. And if you as his child are looking for a magic to occur then you're wrong. The only thing that can make your prayers to be answered is when you have faith in the Lord. Don't give up and keep striving, I know that you're sad and fustrated but remember that your creator hasn't forgotten about you. He's not sleeping instead he's waiting for you to call upon him.

3. Lack of hard work/ laziness

no matter how lazy you are you must work hard at some point in your life. In other to prove that you're really serious about achieving your dreams then you must work hard and Study hard. If you can do that then I can guarantee you that you'll have a great future ahead of you. And what I mean by hard work I meant, keeping a high G.P score, keeping a good relationship with lecturers and people around you, and making friends with the right people, study, study and study. Laziness won't get you anywhere in life, it will only give you regrets, sadness and Failures. So please be guided and take God and yourselves seriously

That's all for today. Kindly follow me for more updates and give this article a like if you learned something from this article thank you 😊❤️

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